Pencil Carbon or Multi Use

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Used in duplicate/triplicate books, restaurant pads, cheque books etc, and can be used multiple times

Available in Lightweight blue or black, coated on 17gsm buff tissue, stocked in RA2

Also heavyweight blue, coated on 55gsm white base, stocked in SRA2

All sheets can be cut to your requirements, and can be interleaved to order.

Reels are also available for special makings.

Double Sided Pencil Carbon


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Paper Coaters and Converters


Used for business forms, invoice sets, receipts etc, where a single copy is required.

Available in reels to order, and SRA2 sheets in packs of 1,000s, these include uncoated edges for glueing into sets.

One Time Carbon Paper

Used in the dental industry, and available to special order.